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Weekly Bumming Stick

Well folks,  for obvious reasons I’ve been hanging on to the stick this week in a bid to tactically outwit my growing horde of enemies and give them a good old bum sticking, but I’ll be the bigger man for now and I will instead keep it employed in the public domain.

Traitorous, foul, lying politician cunts of the former government, you know who you are.

Well known for your superior spin politics and ability to lie to and mislead the very electorate who first enabled you to take up public office on the misunderstanding that you had the publics’ best interest at heart, you have truly surpassed yourselves this time. No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? No problem we’ll lie…Massive financial deficits about to explode in our faces? No problem lets just cook up a fib…Want to release a terrorist responsible for the deaths of 270 innocent people? Lets just invent a fucked up bullshit story and blame it on the Scots, everybody hates those alcoholic ginger cunts anyway.

‘Woah, Woah, Woah’ says an ex-foreign office minister shocked that the media spotlight has centred in on the part he played in this duplicity, ‘Fuck me’, he pleads desperately, ‘It was the fucking Scots not me!’ Hang on you duplicitous shitbag, who schooled the Libyans in the first fucking place? Who warned them of the upcoming medical report that would allow the murdering Allah loving maniac to go free? Who pointed out the legal loopholes that would become the result of it?… You did you cunt.

But just like everything that that Regime of compulsive liars touched it went fucking wrong for you didn’t it? The cunt didn’t die as you expected and he’s currently living the fucking high life on his home soil, spitting in the eyes of the families of the loved ones left behind and laughing at us for the Nation of Fools that you and your cunty bosses have painted us as.

As you are trying to answers your questions on a topical debate show, in that horrible stuttery manner that all politicians who have been caught in the act adopt, I will sneak up behind you, smash your lie filled cranium against the desk an enlist the help of Jeremy Paxman to whip off your Marks and Spencer trousers… Pass me the stick Jeremy…Yes I’m going to bum him with it…Yes, bum the two faced, deceitful fuckpig with a MASSIVE stick.

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