Clusterfuck Corner

Now that we have a few more posters and in the interest of attracting some of the shyer types, I have taken it upon myself to create a little chat filled haven for you all.  You can discuss topical issues, debate economics or philosophise over the current state of society, whatever takes your fancy really…. Or you could just carry on being perverts you fucking dirty shagbastards!

Either way the room within is open for business and you’re all in charge, give me a shout if it gets too full and I’ll open a new one.


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11 responses to “Clusterfuck Corner

  1. I’ll start the random-ball rolling by admitting that the idea for this Corner came to me in a flash of inspiration bought on by my desperate need to avoid having to expend any energy and type up this weeks Chronicle of a Cunt.

    My head is pounding and I am sweating from parts of my body that I didn’t know could sweat. Not only that but my ballsack feels as empty as Paula Abduls’ head… the uncomfortable feeling you get when there is only one, singular sperm floating around in your Albert Halls is the mark of a good night though, so i’ll stop my moaning for now.

    Chat away fuckers!

  2. literallygoose

    I would drive hurriedly by any kind of corner that had Mofo and Jizzbomb in the same place and continue my curb crawling until I came across some likely looking fuck buckets that weren’t quite as intimidating and frankly terrifying as seeing a fully grown Mofo stood clasping a massive stick in one hand and a chloroform scented kerchief wrapped around his second best dildo-cosh in the other (I hear the first best is reserved for Royalty).

    Wandr? Tiny Gypo? Mary Fax? Which corner did you say you would be on?

  3. jizzbomb

    Nice Corner….???? The thing about corners is, as I remember them, there’s usually some dumb ass facing the wall with a cone on his thick head, nothings changed there then… Hold on, where’s he gone..?? Oi, back in your corner Mofo
    Goose, why the royal duck…??? What does that say about you, did you fuck that duck, duck fucker….

  4. I presume most of you are coming onto the blog from Lamebook?

    The thought of those fuckers having a ‘cock-off’ (like a stand off but the participants are cocks) in a court of law makes the blood course through my rigid prick… think about it.
    I mean if Lamebook have to prove that their a parody of Facebook, there may come a time when they have to prove it, in front of a judge and jury.. I often heave myself into whichever squeeze i’m squeezing using the thought of Imamofo being quoted in a court of law as a squirt distraction.

  5. wandr


    As a representative of the Facebook legal team, I am considering using mofo, and a few others, to help shut down lamebook. So keep it up, cunts

    I just wish we still wore those wigs in court. Damn, those were sexy!

    • I’ll wear one of those wigs for you wandr if you promise to call me M’lud and let me have a poke about in your witness box.

      • wandr

        Suddenly this case looks way more exciting, M’lud (hmmmm, I’ll work on that, I feel with my accent, it sounds a bit foolish, but an all out My Lord sound fucking wicked)

  6. wandr

    I’m thinking you banned yourself from your blog as a way to protest your treatment by lamebook.

    That or you’ve turned yourself into a nun.

    • Nope, I’m not quite as sulky as that wandr! I have been sucked into a lengthy debate / lively defence on that subject though, which I must admit has soaked up a lot of my time.

      People / Person have complained about my naughty language and shocking moral behaviour believe it or not!? I’m now in a situation where I’m not banned, instead every comment I make is subject to moderation… I have yet to see any make it through this rigorous process?!

      The last time I turned myself into a nun, I was hanging out the back of her for the next three days. That made Communion very awkward but Confession very easy.

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