Weekly Bumming Stick

Ok Guys after last weeks premature use of the stick in what can only be described as an act of personal gain, I am happy to return the Bumming Stick to its’ original purpose.

Christian hoteliers and Happy go lucky bummers duking it out in court, you know who you are.

So in the left corner we have a deluded Christian couple who hate gays and won’t let them share a room and in the right corner a couple of shirt lifters who feel that their delicate girl feelings have been hurt.

In their defence the hoteliers are so blinded by their belief in fairytales that they won’t let any unmarried couple share a room, also it’s their fucking hotel surely it’s up to them to decide who stays in their rooms right? Wrong! According to a court of law, that’s discriminatory.

In the homosexuals’ defence we live in a progressive society where a persons worth is not determined by their sexual preferences and leanings. Each person should be judged, not by who they love but by their capacity to love. I mean fuck me where is this hotel…1842?!

So the court ruled a clear winner in favour of Mr & Mr bummer. But Wait! M’honour if I may interject? There are no winners here just two pairs of cunts, who have been hijacked by the Christian Institutes’ and Equality and Human Rights Commisions’ ongoing feud. Both of the these cunt filled institutions are basically pickpocketing the public coffers to engage in their pointless, frivolous never ending war of attrition.

Right you lot! If you’d all like to take your positions, drop your pants, grab your ankles and …. wait!  oi Mr & Mr Bender, that was a little too quick for my liking, this isn’t really a punishment for you two is it?!… hey get off my stick…Stop bumming each other with it….oh fuck ’em leave ’em to it, either way they’ve all been bummed with a MASSIVE stick..


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24 responses to “Weekly Bumming Stick

  1. jizzbomb

    Its not a bad way to make a few quid, or £3,600 quid, pretend to be a pair of shit stabing turd burglers, find a deeply relgious hotel owner and book the honeymoon suite, a gross of condoms and a super sized tub of vasoline, oh and the solicitor at the same time, Ah wol-ha…. easy money….

  2. Et Voila you dozy bastard.

  3. jizzbomb

    WTF, yr pulin we 4 speling….???? H’v u evr evn red any of yr old posts… WTF r u… Mi fukkin OL’ french miztress…???? pIZZ Kunt fLAP

    If mi 1st ‘fopar’ fukked you off, this should be worth waiting for….

  4. You know there’s something a little Je ne sais quoi about you matey.

    I’m currently trawling the interwebs looking for hoteliers who hate bummers, so that we can pull off your ‘Queer Con’… I hope you’re not going to go all squeamish on me, you may have to let me do things to you in order for us to pull this off.

  5. jizzbomb

    Sorry, I missed french, Jeny say.. fucking what….???? does that mean you take it up the shitter…????
    Dont worry bout me, when I make a plan I stick to it…. I could bring my own half full tub of vasoline, what, you think your the 1st I used on my queer con, think again, twat…. bring it on

  6. jizzbomb

    Try this one for size, Miss Mofo
    Baisez-vous, léchez mon sac de boule, Mofo

  7. Oui Monsieur, voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

    It makes you hard doesn’t it?… communicating with me in this manner..

  8. jizzbomb

    My arse….

  9. wandr

    Holy fuck. I came.

  10. wandr

    Oh, you’re so fucking polite, too. all that vouvoiement
    if you could grunt all that French bullshit in my hear next time… It works so good when I imagine it with an accent

    But Jizz, try “Lechez mes gosses”, but say it to the French, not the French Canadian.

  11. jizzbomb

    I think I need to get me a better translator…. and nobody licks my kids, well, except me that is….

  12. jizzbomb

    Can I steer away from french, as we know its not my best subject, I did German at school, just a small snip-it
    ”Legen Sie Ihre Hände unten meine Hosen und ICH Wette, die Sie fühlen sich meine nüsse..”
    Random, I know…

  13. Nein! …..Hablas Espanol?

    I did a german when I was at school, she was very muscular and her tits smelt of bratwurst… Granny had moved over here just after the war had finished.

  14. marymemo

    yo hablo espa~ol, sera que me va decir algo bonito?

    • jizzbomb

      Mary, nice arse, is it yours….????
      Wandr, nice bald tattooed pussy, is it yours….???

      • wandr

        Yeah, that’s all me, there. I shaved.
        Couldn’t find my tatooed boobs anymore.

        And I’m afraid all I have left from my German classes is Ich spricht nicht Deutsch and Ich bin eine gemusezuppe. Really useful.
        My Spanish is even fuzzier, and I was drunk all through my Russian classes, so fuck that one.

    • mary Quiero verter el liquido en usted, hermosa.

  15. marymemo

    mmmm no comprende… but if you are saying, you want to put your spunk on me. Please do.

    and yes those are my butt cheeks 🙂

  16. riquerizo

    You guys are making me hard. Cum over here and give daddy some bum love!!! Nobody better h8 us dawk

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