Weekly Bumming Stick

Sorry about this guys, but I’m going to have to borrow the stick for my own personal use again. I promise it will be returned to be employed for the good of all next week.

Big titted pramface office receptionist naked in my bedroom, you know who you are.

She’s only recently had a baby and is still breastfeeding the little sprog, hence the massive, enticing, wobbolicious, irresistible funbags hanging off the front of her. She has embarked on a dangerous level of flirtation that has led to her being splayed out on my bedroom floor. There has been some heavy foreplay taking place and I’m in another world as i’m slapping, twisting and nipping on the perfect pair of knorks hanging over my face.

Next thing I know I’m being sprayed by what feels like approximately two litres of milk, I mean completely fucking drenched. I’m up for a bit semi-skimmed loving, so this in itself is not enough for me to go reaching for my stick, but the titty little slut squirted a load in my eye and is now laughing it up at my expense. Laughing in that hysterical manner which conceals an intense embarrassment, all the while completely ignoring the fact that my seed is still in my nuts and not on her milk bags as has been promised. I know some folk like the old Cravendale shower, but I’ve had a fucking ’nuff of this.

‘Hmmmm what love?’…This thing?….It’s just my bumming stick….. a bumming stick… for bumming people with…Yeah I know it’s big…. do me a favour will you… can you just bend down and grab my butt plug from under the bed?… hehe take this bitch!…I’m going to bum you….with this stick…Yes, this MASSIVE stick.


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4 responses to “Weekly Bumming Stick

  1. wandrnot

    I can hear all the “ladies” you creamed in the eye cheering!

  2. Don’t worry guys I got her back (although I do feel a little guilty for what may have been a pre-emptive Bumming) I face plastered her until she looked like a depressed Casper.

  3. jizzbomb

    Woohoo, what a crackin night, bummin stick rammed up her and a damp drippin, ghostly expression on her face, crackin night, thats one in the eye for her, all be it a bit bloodshot

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