Weekly Bumming Stick

Posh mums at schools, you know who you are.

You’re not even proper posh, you just want to be the most popular parent. Your child has to be the best, you get on with the teachers and know them by their first names. Your intimate circle of friends all have children who go to the same school as your pretentious little cunt and they all look to you for inspiration. You are attempting to live life through your child because deep down you feel resentful that your life and cock holster have been bent out of shape by their arrival in this world.

You look down your nose at those who don’t conform with your own view of you. You haughtily state your misguided preconception about parenting to any poor sod foolish enough to be pretending to listen to you. You dress like a middle-aged slut who needs some excitement in her life because the hubby is out fucking whores rather than knobbing your sack like pussy.

Middle Class, Middle of the Road, mind numbingly average fucksacks, all of them. Bend over mothers, use your bright red false fingernails to prise open that uptight ringer of yours and prepare to be bummed. With a stick. Bummed by a MASSIVE STICK.


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2 responses to “Weekly Bumming Stick

  1. stetrasonic

    Posh mums at school you know who you are? Forgive me but how many posh mums log on to a free blog full of shite from an angry little teenageer?

  2. Every teenager I know is angry, mainly because i’ve touched them inappropriately, does it still rub you up the wrong way stetrasonic? Can you still feel my big man hands hurting your delicate little babymakers?

    Besides, the point was that the mothers weren’t half as posh as they thought they were. When you grow up you too can hang out with the type of middle class sluts that we are discussing.

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